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Caves in Chiang Mai

If you have occasion to visit Chiang Mai don’t forget to visit the beautiful of the caves. Inside the caves have more beautiful of the stalagmite and the stalactite that align elaborate by the natural. In addition, you will enjoy and surprisingly with the graceful unique of the cave. If you love to see amazing of the natural sculpture with a little bit adventure then you should do such as Brichinda Cave, Luang Mae Sab Cave and Chiang Dao Cave.

Top Caves in Chiang Mai

Recommended Caves

1 Brichinda Cave

Location : Chom Thong District Brichinda Cave This impressive limestone cave has a gigantic entrance camber and tower and a scene huge chamber with a skylight opening to the surface. This cave has a medium size, which has beautiful stalagmite, is situated in the middle of deciduous forest. It takes about one hour walk from the main road.

Administered by Doi Inthanon National Park, Chom Thong District

2 Chiang Dao Cave

Location : Chiang Dao District Chiang Dao Cave is a charming cave located in Chiang Dao District. It is situated 72 km from Chiang Mai town, turn left at the entrance route and proceed for 5 km on an asphalt road. Convenient parking is available. Climb a staircase with a zinc roof to reach the cave. The lovely cave greets visitors with various kinds of fish swimming in a stream in front of the cave. Touring in and around Tham Chiang Dao with a local guide is possible by contacting local guides in front of the cave. A service fee is charged.

How to get there
The Chiang Dao is located at a distance of about 1 hour driveway from Chiang Mai. From Chiang Mai and Songtaews you can make plans to tour this cave.

Admission 10 Baht (Price are subject to change)

3 Luang Mae Sab Cave

Location : Samoeng District Luang Mae Sab Cave Mae Sab cave is a medium sized 2 step cave (approximately 150 meters deep), situated at Baan Mae Sab, Samoeng District, Chiang Mai. And there are stalagmites, stalactites, and stone benches inside the cave.

Administered by Khun Khan National Park, Samoeng District

4 Mueang On Cave

Location : Mae On District Mueang On Cave Muang On Cave is situated in the San Kamphaeng District, about 25 km East of Chiang Mai near the Hot Springs. The road leading to Muang-On Cave winds it's way up the side of a hill to a small car park. There are several vendors selling food and souvenirs here and there is plenty of shaded seating available. If you do not have a water bottle, it is a good idea to grab a cold drink here as it can be a hot climb.

5 Tab Tao Cave

Location : Chai Prakan District Tab Tao Cave Located in Ban Tab Tao, in front of cave has temple aged about 40-50 year olds. It was developed as the tourist destination. This cave is smaller than Chiang Dao cave, from surveying the mountain adjacent side found that it has the clean water canal lies thru the temple and has water supply all year long. Forest in this area is mostly fertile covered with many big trees. It's very convenience for you to go there by riding on the road no. 107 of Chiang Mai - Fang and make a turn at the intersection of KM. 118 and then drive on the soil road to temple at the distance about 3 kilometers. At present, this cave is very popular for tourist to visit.

Administered by Pha Daeng National Park, Chiang Dao

6 Tong Cave

Location : Chom Thong District Tong Cave The Tong Cave is found in Doi Pha Liap mountain. This mountain is consists of granite and limestone. The Mae Pae stream acts as a dividing line between two long tunnels. It is said that these tunnels are leading to Doi Chiang Dao mountain in the north of Chiang Mai province. The tunnel entrance is small but entering is possible.

Administered by Ob Luang National Park, Hod District

All Caves in Chiang Mai
  • Long Cave
    2 kilometers from Pha Daeng Cave
  • Rom Cave
    26 km from Pha Daeng National Park

1 Chaeng Pa Hok Cave

Location : Chiang Dao District This is medium-sized limestone cave with stalagmites and stalactites. The cave is located in the north of the park at Muang Na village, twenty kilometers from the headquarters of the park.

Administered by Pha Daeng National Park, Chiang Dao District

2 Huai Bon Cave

Location : Fang District Huai Bon Cave is a big cave, 20-30 meters wide, which consists of many wonderful stalagmites and stalactites. There are two entrances distant 150 meters from each other, no dangerous areas for traveler, and also many small caves, about 10, nearby. It locates 12 km from Fang District. Traveler can go on foot 4 km. from Hot-mineral Water Pond.

Administered by Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park, Fang District

3 Krab Cave

Location : Chiang Dao District This medium-size cave is the outcome of rock mountain in this cave. Its width is about 10 meters, inside you can find a lot of bats while on the floor is the way of water drain out of the front of cave. Its depth is about 500 meters while the cave wall formed as the protrude layers along both sides. This is assumed that these layers are the output of drained water which make a track on these rock while the top side has the beautiful protruded rock. The front side of cave is a plain area and the top of nearby mountain is the habitat of many monkeys. This area is far from the compressed soil road (KM. 99, Ban Huai Cha Dan) about 60 meters and far from the road no. 107 (Chiang Mai – Fang District) at KM. 99 about 1.5 kilometers.

Administered by Pha Daeng National Park, Chiang Dao District

4 Long Cave

Location : Chiang Dao District This Cave, 15 meters wide and height, is located on a mountain shoulder, 2 kilometers from Pha Daeng Cave. Here human remains are found in coffin-like niches in the rock. From here one can have an excellent view of the forested hill.

Administered by Pha Daeng National Park, Chiang Dao District

5 Rom Cave

Location : Chiang Dao District There is a soft draft on the way down into the cave, which makes the air inside clear. The cave is 1,500 m. long and 1.5-2 meters wide. In the rainy season, water flows through the cave. In winter and summer time, when the cave is dry, stalagmites appear from the bottom. The cave is located to the east of Chaeng-Pa Hok Cave.

Administered by Pha Daeng National Park, Chiang Dao District

6 Tu Pu Cave

Location : Chom Thong District Tu Pu Cave is small, narrow limestone cave. The entrance is very thin but the cave itself can hold up to 30 persons. Water is constantly trickling down the ceiling forming small stalactites and stalagmites. In the ceiling is a ring shaped opening, so the cave is not entirely dark.

Administered by Ob Luang National Park, Hod District

7 Tukkatan Cave

Location : Hang Dong District Tukkatan cave is a large cave on the left-hand side of Huai Khanin, situated in the area of Banpong Sub-distirct, Hang Dong District (near Namsoom Royal Project). At the mount of the cave, there are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The depth of the cave has not yet been surveyed due to extreme coolness and humidity inside the cave. The cave should be developed as a tourist attraction. And the National Park’s Protection Unit should also be established at this site.

Administered by Op Khan National Park, Hang Dong District

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